There is something about God that inspires worship. The more you study the universe or the human brain, the more your sense of wonder grows. What a God of wisdom, skill, and power! We worship God because of the splendor of His being. But we also worship God for personal reasons: He loves us, answers our prayers, and watches over us. So we worship God for who He is, what He’s done and what He will do.

Worship doesn’t begin with us but with God. Our worship is a response to our creator. We give expression to feelings we have regarding Him; feelings of awe and love. The more we focus on Him, the greater and deeper our response of worship.

Worship finds many means of creative expression. We worship God with words in prayer, poetry and song. We worship God through baptism and the Lord’s Supper and meaningful ways such as kneeling or lifting our hands . Music is also an important expression of worship. We also worship God in quiet wonder; a spiritual expression from deep within our hearts; something beyond words.

Forms of Worship Could Include:

Praise: creative, outward expression of God’s greatness.
Exalt: speak of God’s superiority over anything and everything else.
Thank: acknowledge God – the source of help and blessing.
Bless: give God the richest part of our lives.
Proclaim: tell others about God and His works.
Adore: inward contemplation and devotion.

God has chosen to manifest His presence to us in worship. It’s not surprising for people to have a powerful experience of God during worship. He often comes to us in the middle of a song or prayer. An encounter with God is different from feeling emotionally moved by music or drama. Real encounters empower us and help us to make important life changes.

Let my prayer be set before You as incense, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.